Six Ways to Create a Welcoming Online Community – Ep 118

When you join a new community, you want to feel like a welcomed part of the tribe. We share six methods you can use to create a welcoming environment for your online community.

Six Ways to Create a Welcoming Online Community

#1: Accountability Pairing 🗣️🗣️

You can facilitate your community members pairing up as accountability partners. This helps to grow connections and for community members to commit to getting things accomplished. Two heads are better than one and that’s why accountability works. 

#2: Friends of Friends 👭

People use this for viral reasons and campaigns, where people tell their friends, who tell their friends, who tell their friends. This also works well in a community and influencer and ambassador programs. Ask your community who they know who would benefit from the group. Especially in social media platforms, when you tag someone, they get notified and they’re more likely to look into whatever they’ve been tagged in. No matter what kind of community you’re building, ask people to invite their friends to the group.

#3: Livestreams 📹

When you live stream, you’re bringing a lot of people together in real-time. It gives people to be part of the community, connect people with each other and with you. 

#4: Ask for Opinions 💬

People feel more connected when they are heard and like to share their opinions. When sharing on social media or blog, leave out just a little information to create a conversation around it or to encourage people to ask questions. The idea is that unfinished ideas invite engagement.

#5: Tagging in Your Groups 🏷️@

This is working right now in order to call people to a conversation, but it may not work forever. Within your community, tag members to answer questions from other members. Where you may not have time to see every post in every group you’re a part of, when you’re tagged in a conversation, it’s much easier for you to identify the post that needs your attention.

#6: Welcoming Committee (The Welcome Wagon) 🤝

It’s really important to have someone to welcome new people in your online communities. There’s nothing better than feeling welcomed and included in a new community, especially when you don’t anyone. A welcome committee is also good for connecting people within the community to other members, information or resources they may need. Ask for members to volunteer and always thank your volunteers for their help.

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