How to Create an Online Course for Your Community – Ep 125

Courses are a great way to share your knowledge and insight and now is the time to join in. The online education industry is booming and there's always room for great content. 

If you worry that you don’t know enough to teach something you’re knowledgeable about, there’s a course in everyone and everyone is a master at something. 

5 Steps to Creating Your Course

  1. Choose a topic and audience

  • What is your passion or something you’ve done successfully?
  • Is it something people will pay for? If there are other courses on the same topic, that validates that people are paying for it.
  • Don’t be discouraged if someone is already teaching a course on the same topic. There’s a gap you can fill, you can teach differently or perhaps your message will resonate with a different audience altogether.  Just put your spin on it.
  1. Outline your course

  • You need a plan in place to add value. Map out the learning path. Write your modules and sub-points down on sticky notes, put them on a wall and rearrange them until they flow. 
  • Once you start creating content, you may find that your outline or course flow shifts.
  1. Decide how you will give your course

  • It’s up to you how to deliver your course, whether it’s over live video or pre-recorded sessions. 
  • A benefit of teaching a live class is that you can download the recording, package it and sell it to those who want to go at their own pace. You also get real time feedback which energizes you. 
  • If you decide to pre-record, it’s easier to get stuck on the details and editing.
  1. Choose your learning platform

  • Kajabi is a great tool with a lot of features. It’s a bit pricey, but they offer the best of everything in an all-in-one platform that most others don’t live up to.
  • Thinkific and Teachable are very similar both in their function and lower price point.
  • Wishlist Member is a WordPress plugin that allows you to set up a membership site on the backend of your own website where you can save your course and members can access it later. 
  1. Market your course

  • Webinars are a great way to give out free information to draw people in. You can do these live, then take your best live webinar and use it as evergreen where people can watch it at any time on autopilot. 
  • Let your community know about your course through email blasts and social media. Use Facebook and Instagram ads to reach a more widespread audience. 
  • Affiliates can help to spread the word to their audience and it’s a win-win for all parties.

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