A Preview of the TwitterSmarter Masterclass – Ep 126

Twitter is one of the best platforms to connect with influencers, experts and media contacts. We go into depth about Madalyn's #TwitterSmarter course.

The next two episodes are follow-on episodes to Episode 125: How to Create an Online Course for Your Community. We are going behind the scenes of our courses to talk about how and why we have created them. Madalyn is first up, sharing how she built and marketed her #TwitterSmarter Masterclass.

Why did Madalyn create the #TwitterSmarter Masterclass?

I was fascinated with online courses back in the very early days of it and fascinated with teaching people online. Back when I wanted to get my feet wet with online courses, the internet was still new for many people. I put out my first classes in 2008, teaching people how to better market their business on Facebook.

Fast forward a few years and I wanted to add courses to my already established 1-on-1 coaching and consulting business. I made a major pivot in my business in 2015 from 20 years in the music business to becoming known more as a leading social media marketer, especially with Twitter. I was hosting both the #TwitterSmarter chat and podcast. Not too long after that I became known as the Twitter go-to gal at Social Media Examiner. I was offered opportunities to speak at conferences and events and invitations to be a guest blogger, podcast guest and Twitter chat participant.

Over the years I learned that I absolutely love teaching and I’m very good at it. In 2013, the #TwitterSmarter Masterclass became my very first flagship course. My course consists of four modules. I wanted it to be a big, comprehensive course that served as a blueprint for building the perfect Twitter profile, connecting with an audience, building community and helping people to boost their presence. I broke the teaching modules down into one per week live for four weeks. Then, I packaged it up as an evergreen course for people to take at their own pace. 

Here’s an overview of the modules:

Module 1: The Perfect Twitter Profile

In this module, I show how to create a captivating and compelling profile so that people stand out on Twitter. I have lots of examples and explain how to make your presence shine. I also share how to create a Twitter bio that rocks. So many people tell me they’re not sure what to tweet. So I go over ideas on what you can regularly tweet out to your followers that will get you noticed.

Module 2: Building Your Twitter Tribe

In this module, we look at the best methods for increasing your Twitter following and the importance of listening and engaging. I show how to connect with people of influence in your industry. We look at hashtags and I show you how to properly use them in both your tweets and in your searches. We go over Twitter lists and how to best use them. And most important, how to connect with your community and start building your tribe.

Module 3: Get On Their Radar

In this module, we look at various methods and features used to gain attention. I show you how to get on the radar with your tweets, retweets, retweets with comment, replies and direct messages. We also look at ways to stand out using Twitter chats, polls, moments, video and GIFs. I find that so many Twitter features are under-utilized. Once you master them, you’ll stand out and get noticed. We’ll also go over, in greater detail, how to craft the perfect tweet.

Module 4: The Best Twitter Tools

In this module I pull the curtain back and share all the tools I use to work smarter not harder on Twitter. I share my strategies behind Buffer, Hootsuite, Social Jukebox, Agorapulse, Feedly and Nuzzel. Most of these tools are free! I also share my step-by-step process on how I use all my tools together to build my tribe and get on the radar. I have found that having the right tools allows you to get more done in less time.

Why does Madalyn promote the #TwitterSmarter Masterclass?

I have a variety of methods that work:

  • Email list
  • Lead magnets, like Twitter Secret Sauce
  • Social media, especially Twitter
  • I create Call-to-Action video tweets using Media Studio
  • I share testimonials from my students

How often does Madalyn launch the course? 

I typically launch live about once a year on Thinkific. In the past, I have taught this as a live weekly class over a four week period using Zoom. After each session, I post the video online for students who couldn’t make it live. Once the four week course is over, I package it up as an evergreen course people can take at their own pace.

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Tools and Links Mentioned: 

Take Action

If you want to up your Twitter game, check out Madalyn’s #TwitterSmarter Masterclass. It’s a blueprint for boosting your presence and is ideal for beginners and intermediate Twitter users. You’ll get step-by-step instructions that will help you enhance your profile and learn strategies that work! You’ll learn how to maximize your presence and monetize your efforts.

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How to reach Kami:

If you’d like to learn more about Kami Huyse, visit her website at www.zoeticamedia.com. You can contact her by email at kami@zoeticamedia.com or tweet to @kamichat.

How to reach Madalyn:

If you’d like to learn more about Madalyn Sklar, visit her website at www.madalynsklar.com. You can contact her by email at madalyn@madalynsklar.com or tweet to @MadalynSklar.

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