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Communities That Convert

At the root of every successful online program is a community. This podcast will teach you how to build, grow, nurture and monetize your community efforts and build a tribe of raving fans.

Recent Episodes

Best Social Media Analysis Tools – Ep 57
Learn how to measure your success with some of our Best Social Media Analysis Tools. We discuss some of the tools we use and share insight into how we use them and what we measure with each of these social media analysis tools.
4 Essential Community Engagement Metrics You Should Be Tracking – Ep 56
Learn about the four essential community engagement metrics you should be using to measure the health of your online community.
How to Create a Sales Funnel to Grow Your Community – Ep 55
Todd Giannattasio breaks down how to create a sales funnel in four easy steps. If you have been looking for a quick guide on how to create a funnel, look no further. You can also download Todd’s free guide to get even more support.
Target Market Strategies That Sell Themselves – Ep 54
Learn how to create target market strategies that sell themselves and help to build your online community. Learn to define your offerings and find the pain points of your community so you can create products and services that sell themselves.
Social Media Marketing is a Marathon, Not a Sprint – Ep 53
Learn why social media marketing is a marathon and not a sprint, why it works better in the long game and some of the steps you need to take to play the long game.
Best Ways to Create Content for Your Community – Ep 52
This is the 52nd episode of Communities that Convert and marks our one-year anniversary teaching you how to build a stronger online community and create content for your community.

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