The 2+2 Engagement Formula to Grow Your Social Influence Fast – Ep 119

We created an engagement formula to help you connect with more people to grow your social media influence fast -- and it is as easy as 2 plus 2.

Grow your social influence in just two steps: two conversations and two comments per day.

Step #1: Commit to two conversations per day 

A conversation is when you initiate a conversation by asking a question to your community, a group of people or an individual.

3 Ways to Start a Conversation

  1. Post a video asking a question with or without tags or hashtags. Make sure if you tag someone, that it’s relevant to them.

  2. Use tagged messages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. There are different accepted practices for each of these:
  • Facebook Tags: Make sure that it has something to do with them and that they are mentioned in the post, don’t spam.
  • Instagram Photo Tags: Make sure they are in the photo or that it is completely relevant. 
  • Instagram Comments: Tag when you want someone to see something that someone else shared, not something you shared.
  • Twitter Posts: Don’t tag people unless you are talking directly to them and don’t tag in groups. You may get a spam demerit from Twitter.
  • LinkedIn Posts: Only tag people and companies who are mentioned in the post.

    3. Send a direct or private message on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter or LinkedIn. Start a chat with an individual by asking them a statement or question or inviting them to chat. If you know them, you can let them know you were thinking about them and wanted to see how they are doing. If you don’t, take a few seconds to scour their bio and find a way to connect. Don’t offer them anything and do not sell to them.

Step #2: Commit to two replies or comments per day

A reply or comment is where you respond to someone else’s content, whether or not you’re tagged in it.

3 Ways to Make the Most of Engagement

  1. Comment or reply to a post that stands out from the rest. Most people will just make a one or two-word reply to a post. Don’t let that be you. Think of ways that you can add to the conversation.
  2. Share someone else’s content and let people know why you like it. Your community will love you for it and you will make friends with a fellow content creator. Everyone gets a little dopamine hit when someone else shares their content. If you like something, share it! 
  3. Reply with a video, fun GIF or personalized GIF if you are a little shy or short on words. It’s easy to do!

A few tips:

  • Focus on one platform at a time. Don’t spread yourself too thin. You can add a new platform as you get more proficient.
  • Make sure that your social media profiles are up to date so that people can get a complete picture of who you are and how to can help them.

Photo of a female ninja denting a tipNinja Tip: Create a sales funnel from your profile link so that people know how to further engage with you. Offer something on the landing page that gets people to take the next step with you and your brand.


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