How to Choose the One Word to Guide You to Success in 2020 – Ep 115

We break down the simplicity of choosing one word to guide you to success over the course of a year and better achieve all of your goals.

Every year, we like to choose one word to help guide us forward in the New Year. We shared our process with you last year in Episode 71 and we are sharing this information again to help you to establish your one word for 2020.

According to Jon Gordon, a popular speaker, author and motivator, having one word is more effective than New Year’s resolutions and 9 out of 10 people will fail with their resolutions where choosing one word sticks. Choosing just one word helps you write and create a yearly chapter in your life story.

Each year Jon Gordon picks a word for the new year that will inspire him to be his best. His words over the years have been: PURPOSE, SURRENDER, SERVE, PRAY, RISE, FORGIVE and STILL. He says each word has molded and shaped him to become a better person, father, husband, writer and communicator. And in looking back, he said he knew his one word chose him more often than he chose it.

Madalyn’s One Word History: Conquer (2015), Collaborate (2016), Accountability (2017), Purposeful (2018), 1% (2019), Passion (2020)

Kami’s One Word History: Connect (2018), Focus (2019), Completion (2020)

If you need help narrowing down and choosing your one word, use the focus exercise to work through the thought process behind choosing a word if it doesn’t just come to you.


STEP 1: Think about the three areas of your life in which you have an impact to make change:

  • Personal: Your health, your mindset, your overall knowledge and skills, your spirituality, etc.
  • Relationships: Your significant other or status, your family, your friends, your community, etc.
  • Professional: Your current job or business, your income level, your accomplishments, etc.

STEP 2: Brainstorm the changes you would like to make in each of these areas. Don’t limit yourself by time or money. Narrow it down to no more than three changes in each area.

STEP 3: For each change idea, write down a verb or doing word that describes what you would have to DO or BE to reach that goal.

STEP 4: Look for similarities in your words across your various goals. Is there one word that would work to connect many of these goals? It can be a word to sum up some of your most important goals. 

STEP 5: Choose your final word for the year and then sleep on it.  

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