How to Connect with Your Tribe with Next Level Engagement – Ep 120

People want true connections in social media these days. We will help you create next-level engagement with your tribe with these four supercharged methods.

Influence20 is a plan from SmartSocialSecrets plan to reach out to the 20 most important people you want to connect with.

This is how the Influence20 works: 

  1. Choose 20 people that you would like to connect with this year and add them to the list. 
  2. Create an outreach plan to connect with five of the people on your list per week using social media and email. 
  3. Use the 2 + 2 strategy we talked about in our last episode to keep up with this outreach.  

Here are four supercharged methods for reaching out to people on your list once or twice per year. You can change the method each time to keep it interesting.

Method #1: Handwritten notes

Choose one day per month and write two or three handwritten notes to people who have helped you in some way, inspired you or who have done something that deserves recognition. The key is to be very sincere and specific in your praise. Hand address the envelope and send via snail mail. When you send someone a handwritten note, they will remember you because it’s not done very often and the act itself is memorable. 

Method #2: Custom GIFs

Custom GIFs are an amazing way to boost your engagement on social media and in your newsletters. Instead of sharing a general GIF, make your own with your own expression. This is an excellent way to express yourself and will help boost your engagement because people connect with them. Twitter GIFs are far more engaging and often more entertaining than static images. Tweets with GIFs get 167% more click-throughs than tweets with static images, and the engagement rate for a post with a GIF increases by 20%. You can learn how to do it with this video: How to Make a GIF from a Video 

Method #3: Send a Personalized Video

Send a personalized video through email or any other platform that supports video. If you’re a course creator, sending people a short, personalized video when they sign up blows people away and makes a lasting impression. Using personalized twitter videos is a way to reply to a tweet using video instead of text and it changes the dynamics of the tweet. You can also share videos through direct messages on any platform and takes the engagement to the next level. Arrange one-to-one meetings with people using video to connect, catch up and keep in touch. 

Method #4: Unexpected Gifts 

Everyone loves an unexpected gift of appreciation. It’s a great way to make a connection and engage with your followers and online community on an even higher level. Besides giving gifts as a token of appreciation to delight your friends, co-works and colleagues, you can use gift-giving as a strategy to build your business.

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