How to Build Mentorship Into Your Facebook Group – Ep 91

The way to get better results for your students or online community is to build mentorship into your Facebook group from the beginning. You can also use many of these tips no matter which platform you decide to use to host your group.

In Episode 89, we gave you 10 ways to build connections with your community. We wanted to go deep on one of those. Mentorship builds connections by adding accountability, creating community and increasing results. It is highly suggested to listen to Episode 89 (link below).  

6 Ways to Build Mentorship Into Your Facebook Group

Here are 6 ideas that you can put into place to mentor your community better.

  1. Facebook Mentoring Tool
    Facebook Groups have a mentoring tool feature, and it’s not used much by many group leaders yet. The feature allows you to pair up group members in your Facebook Group and gives them some tools to have private conversations. Here are the steps to activate the mentoring tool on Facebook: Go to: Edit Group Settings > Sections > Mentorship.

  2. Pairing Post Announcement
    The admin can create a post, save it as an announcement, and participants can pair themselves in the comments. Having an accountability partner can encourage people to connect and push each other. Don’t be closed-minded to pairing with someone. This can jumpstart your career and might even make you a friend for life.

  3. Invite a Friend
    Invite people to bring a friend into the group as an accountability partner (you can even allow people to join the group after an official launch this way, or offer an accountability partner discount during a launch. This is a good way for group members to share expenses with a friend and will likely make them more involved in the group.

  4. Invite Companies
    Give a group discount to people from the same company so that they can move forward together. This is the same as bringing a friend but allows a whole company to get involved.

  5. Create a Volunteer Group
    Choose some of your best students to respond to people that ask questions and give them access to monthly mastermind calls as a gift for their help. There are so many great things you can do to reward your volunteers, be creative about this.

  6. Monthly Q&A LivestreamsSchedule a monthly Q&A call or live stream every month to answer the questions that come up for your group. Some tools we have used for these calls have included Zoom, GoToMeeting, and BlueJeans. When people feel like they are being heard and you are answering their questions they will have a much better experience in your group. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be seen and heard.

  7. Hire Coaches or Mentors
    Hire former students or experienced people to do group coaching with your people! Kami tool the Experience Product Masterclass with Marisa Murgatroyd and they paired every participant up with a group coach. You want to be as present as possible. So hiring a coach or mentor will help keep up with action items and getting things done.

Tools, apps, and links mentioned:

Take Action

This one is TWO Part. What kind of mentoring program do you want to start for your community AND what kind of mentoring will you seek out this year? Come share with us in the Communities that Convert Facebook Group.

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