5 Benefits of Live Streaming Video to Grow Your Online Community – Ep 108

Live streaming video will grow your business. Learn the 5 reasons it will benefit you and how you can take advantage of some of the unexpected results.

Why does live streaming help build community? People love a chance to connect with people they trust and like within their community. In this episode, we are talking about five reasons why live stream video will grow your community.

See Episode 107 for a script you can use when you livestream.

Benefit 1: Helps you to create regular content

  • If you live stream on Facebook, consider downloading your video or to use it in other places. On your Personal page, go to More, click on Videos and then Your Videos. Click on your video and then click the 3 dots on the far right-hand side. You’ll see an option to Download. On a Page or Group, open your video and click the same 3 dots to download the video.
  • You can use a paid service like Temi or Rev to capture a transcript with timestamps, then create a blog post from your video, show notes, and quotes.
  • You can also lightly edit your video, create a thumbnail and upload it to YouTube for more reach. Save your videos into a playlist for a great way to allow people to binge on past content. YouTube can transcribe your video and you can add captions.
  • Embed your video in a blog post using a Facebook or YouTube embed code. This is another great way to extend your video beyond just one platform. 

Download your live stream from you Facebook Personal Profile

Download your live stream from you Facebook Business Page

Benefit 2: It sets you up as the “go-to” person for your topic

  • If you’re live streaming on a regular basis on a particular topic, you have a tight presentation and people are getting value from your videos, it allows you to showcase your knowledge and build your reputation. You can also bring in other experts and have deeper conversations.
  • Live streaming gives you time to practice before you do a webinar or record other types of video in a more polished manner. The more you get in front of a camera, the more you’ll become comfortable. 
  • It can help you to build your email list if you create and share free resources that go beyond the live stream.

Benefit 3: It helps participants in your community get to know each other

  • People are notified when their friends watch or share a live stream, which is helpful for regulars to start having conversations with each other. 
  • Start to notice when people return week after week, and call them out. This is a great way to bring attention to people so others take notice of them too. Note that sometimes you may not see people when you live stream on Facebook even if they are there. You can reach out to them after the live stream by tagging them in a comment and continue the conversation. 

Benefit 4: It Gets People Engaged by Taking Actions

  • Always ask your audience to do something, even if no one shows up live. You can ask them to put share a comment, share the video or go download something- just give them something to do. 
  • You may want to consider creating a funnel to capture leads when you offer additional free content that aligns with what you’re teaching. You can drop links for resources on Facebook and LinkedIn or give verbal invitations on Instagram and YouTube. Or you can invite people to DM you. 

Benefit 5: You can reach out to your audience with relevant content or offers

  • One great way to grow your email list is to create a lead magnet. Use the GAP method to help you create an offer that people actually want: G – Grab their attention; A – Affirm their need or pain point; then they P – Place their trust in you.

GAP Method, Grab attention, Affirm need, and Place trust


Ninja Tip:

As you’re live streaming, you can build a custom audience in Facebook that accumulates a list of people who watch your videos, then target and advertise to those interested people.

Links Mentioned:

Take Action

Start building your email list. If you don’t have a lead magnet that aligns with your content and what you are ultimately trying to sell, go ahead and create one. We have you covered with a full tutorial, including a tool you can use for free. Check out Episode 74 – How to Build an Evergreen Funnel to Capture Leads.

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