How to Turn Strangers into Customers with Todd Giannattasio – Ep 23

Are you wondering how you find and engage and convert an online community strangers into happy and satisfied customers? In this episode we talk about how to determine your own niche market, create an interconnected community, and overcome the technical challenges.

On the podcast to help us with this discussion of how to turn strangers into customers is Todd Giannattasio, Founder of The Growth Suite, a company that helps businesses turn strangers into customers over at TheGrowthSuite.com.

The Communities That Convert website is set up on the GrowthSuite platform discussion has been helping us to set it up and get it running as Beta members of his community. We felt our audience would enjoy hearing some of his tips for getting started as an online entrepreneur.

Episode Highlights:

Question: Tell us a little bit about Growth Suite, what it is and why you started it? 

Answer: It’s a combination of membership training and tools for entrepreneurs and marketers who need to get their business going online. Todd has another done-for-you agency called Tresnic Media that offers high-ticket retainers to clients where we do all the marketing for them and that’s a struggle for many businesses to pay but the need is still there. TheGrowthSuite is a culmination of the same value proposition of Tresnic Media, helping businesses turn strangers into customers, but it’s at a lower-ticket subscription and available to virtually any entrepreneur to sign up and access.

Question: Can you talk about how you boil down your market niche and who you are helping? 

Answer: Todd discusses how you provide the most value to people by narrowing down your niche. But it’s also important to do this one audience at a time, starting narrow, but expanding from there, starting with a specific audience and building audiences from there. Ask yourself, where can you provide the most value the fastest and who is going to be the most passionate about what you’re doing? Todd created a Message to Market Match Matrix worksheet for the Communities That Convert podcast audience. This tool will allow you to map out your audience, their problems, the outcomes you want to create for them and the transformation or benefits you can provide (see the links below to get to this resource).

Question: You are really great at making people feel like they are seen and valued. What is your philosophy for this?

Answer: Listen to your community to give value back and understand there’s a feedback group that helps you improve your business and your community. When you pay attention to what people are asking for, you make everyone feel like they’re part of something and the feedback helps build a better product.

Question: What do you think the hardest part is for entrepreneurs and what do you think they need help with to succeed?

Answer: It depends on the entrepreneur and the industry they’re in. Everyone’s entrepreneurial hurdles are different and that’s how TheGrowthSuite was born– as an answer to the entrepreneurs who have trouble with the technical setup and understanding of how to market their business.

Question: Can you talk a little bit about the service you’re providing to your community?

Answer: TheGrowthSuite offers a service which is essentially three parts to success: the toolset, the skillset, and the mindset. Todd is combining all those and bringing them together with TheGrowthSuite. The business gives access to its website platform, video training on website set-up and marketing campaigns, a marketing fundamentals masterclass, and worksheets and exercises. He also hosts a Facebook page and community where you can ask questions and join discussions.

Question: What are some of your tips for getting people to engage in your online community?

Answer: Todd says that you have to connect with other experts in the space to get in and ask questions, creating that a practice for members. Use email to fuel discussions and ask questions within the group that anyone can jump in and answer.

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Todd Giannattasio, Founder of The Growth Suite

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