How to automate SMART – Ep 22

To automate or not, that is the question?

Actually, it really isn't the real question. The real question is how do I automate without losing my audience?

In this episode, we take an old measurement acronym and adapt it for how to automate SMART. See what we did there?

Automated Episode Highlights:

Set it up.

  • Define what you are hoping to gain from the automation and choose tools that help you achieve your goals.
  • It’s not a good idea to set up your automation and forget about it. 
  • Never automate your interaction with people. 
  • Social Jukebox, Bulkly, RecurPost and CoSchedule are all tools that integrate with most social media platforms to help organize and automate your content.
  • Try video as a way to thank people for their engagement and connect with people.

Measure it.

  • Your automation tool should include measurement so you can see how it is working.
  • Before you start, have a measurement plan in place.
  • If you missed it or need a refresher, we discussed measurement in episode 21.

Activate and Automate.

  • Part of activating an automation is to watch it closely to see how it performs, which relates to your measurement plan.
  • Be on hand to interact with people. Be an active part of the automation and engage with people. Your participation shouldn’t be automated.

Refine it.

  • Make changes to what you are doing based on the results you are seeing.
  • Look at what is working and what isn’t to refine and further refine your automation.
  • Social media platform algorithms are ever-changing and what people see changes with that, so you may have to refine your efforts as a result.

Test it.

  • Check new ideas against the old and A/B test for best results.
  • Try different types of posts, different times of the day and different platforms to test what works best.
  • Never set it and forget it.

Links, Tools and Apps Mentioned:

Take Action

Set up an automation plan and let us know what tools you have decided to use and for what parts of your social outreach. Extra credit for a video!

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