Answer These Three Questions to Uplevel Your Website – Ep 105

In this episode, we are diving deep on how to make your website your best salesperson by answering these three questions.

Todd Giannattasio from the Growth Suite joined us to share tips on what we need to include to make our website attract customers. He also created a strategy for you to use to map out your website. Download Todd’s Website Plan and follow along in this episode.  

In episode 104, we outlined four steps to make your website your most valuable asset. 

Step 1: Build Your Website as a Home Base

Step 2: Build Your Relationships 

Step 3: Build BUZZ Around Your Brand

Step 4: Measure Your Results

Ask These Three Questions About Your Website

Who needs a website and why? 

Even if you have an offline business, you need a website online to represent your brand. People will search for you and you need to have a website to control what people see. The website doesn’t need to be complex or large. Even a one-page site will do if it is clear about what problem you solve for your audience. 

What should your website include?

It should include what you offer and how it makes the life of the reader better. Think about the business objectives and what can best facilitate those. Is your message resonating with the people that are landing on your website? Do they know they’re in the right place? Are they moving along the customer journey you want them to take? 

What role does your website play, what role does social media play?

If you think it’s okay if your business lives on social media and you think you don’t need a website, you’re doing social media wrong. Social media is not a place where you sell, but where you engage and drive traffic to your website. 

The message on your website should match the message on social media. As you get more sophiticated with your wenbsite, you can consider creating landing pages that reflect the content you share on social media. or create a blog posts where you cover topics relevant to your business. 

One of the most important roles of a website is that it serves as a destination for your content to be found through search. In social media, a post is quickly buried in the feed. 

It really only takes 40 minutes of research to find the right keywords, post it on social media and also put it on your website so you’re building your library while also putting out content. This also makes it easier for everyone to share your content beyond the life of a social media message.

Ninja Keyword Search Trick

Keywords Everywhere, a free browser add-on for Chrome and Firefox is what we use to do some quick research on keywords and their popularity. Add it to your browser, and then search on Google to get suggested keywords in the sidebar. Easy, peasy!) https://keywordseverywhere.com/

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Todd developed a strategy for you to use to map out your website. Download Todd’s Website Planner,  then join us in the CTC Facebook group where you can connect with Todd if you have any questions (Just tag him)!

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