How to Create a Sales Funnel to Grow Your Community – Ep 55

Todd Giannattasio breaks down how to create a sales funnel in four easy steps. If you have been looking for a quick guide on how to create a funnel, look no further. You can also download Todd’s free guide to get even more support.


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About Todd Giannattasio

Todd empowers entrepreneurs to get their business properly established online in 30 days with the right tools and strategies so they can build their brand, grow their email list and leads, and drive sales. He is also the Founder & CEO of Tresnic Media, which provides online solutions for small to mid-sized companies ranging from web design to internet marketing and social media management as well as search engine optimization and content development. 

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Episode Highlights:

Question: How can funnels help build your online community?

Answer: If you have a business, you have already have a funnel. If it’s intentional and well planned, you have a successful funnel. If it’s unintentional and the experiences aren’t well set up for your customers, you’re going to be inefficient and ineffective which is hard to measure and improve. There are four steps to creating create a sales funnel to grow your community.

Step One: Awareness

create awareness and a target audience.

Step Two: Engagement

engage with them with quality content

Step Three: Subscription

Bring them into your world with a lead magnet or other valuable subscription-only content

Step Four: Conversion

Continue to connect with them and offer them a paid product that solves their problem

This helps with building an online community by using the community as a lead generation tool, but also building relationships and having conversations within the community that lead to sales. 

Question: What are the benefits of a structured funnel?

Answer: When you intentionally create a funnel, you can be more efficient with your time and resources. Reverse engineer from your main product offer. Think about the target audience, what they’re trying to achieve and what their main objective is. Think about how your product helps them and offer a lead magnet to educate them and set them up to engage with the main product offer. 

Question: How do you decide what type of sample product or lead magnet to use in your funnel?

Answer: Connect your lead magnet with your main product offer. If your lead magnet isn’t related to your main product or next offer, you’ll have a big email list of no buyers.

Question: What are the parts of a funnel and what are the steps to build one?


  • Awareness is getting in front of your target audience. Join other groups where your target audiences is, engage, join the conversation and add value. That creates awareness and engagement.
  • Engagement is where you deliver more value and creating a relationship so they know you, like you and you have credibility. You’re positioning yourself as an expert or authority in a topic.
  • Subscription is where you build your email list through offering a lead magnet that gives someone insight and value and gets them interested in your brand.
  • Conversion is within your email follow up where you offer a higher level course or product. 

Question: How much time does it take to build and maintain a funnel?

Answer: It depends what tools you’re using and how savvy you are. When you’re a passionate expert, you can create the content pieces of the funnel quickly. When it comes to measuring, look at reporting on a weekly or monthly basis. Once your funnel is set up, your job is to go out and educate the marketplace and be an evangelist for your brand and topic. You can best serve your audience with a funnel since it solves their problems while setting up a strong monetization strategy for your business.

Question: What if you are multi-passionate?

Answer: You really need to have separate funnels for separate audiences, especially when they’re distinctive. 

Question: How can a funnel help you build an email list and grow your business?

Answer: In the subscription stage of the funnel, you want to offer some sort of lead magnet that gives free value up front. You can then use your awareness and engagement on social media to drive traffic of interested people back to your free offer and email list. Build your list, so you can build a relationship and a community.

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Take Action

Need more help? Todd put together an easy-to-follow guide to build a funnel without feeling overwhelmed. Your call-to-action is to download the funnel and come to the Facebook group for our funnel building challenge. Go to http://TheGrowthSuite.com/CTCFunnelGuide to download the guide and then meet us at the FB group to discuss it. If you need more help with how to define your audience, you can also download Todd’s Message-Market-Match Matrix Template.

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