How to Get Over Your Fear of Live Streaming – Ep 106

We are uncovering the three main fears that keep people from live streaming and using video and how to overcome them and get camera-ready.

Last year, Hubspot conducted a survey of 3,000 people. In every age group, except those 55 and older, more than 50% preferred wanted to consume video, 18-34 year-olds also wanted social images. Overall people want more video. If people want more video, why are so many communicators and marketers reluctant to give it to them? 

We asked our community on Twitter, “What is your biggest fear about live streaming?” and here are the results from our poll:

  • 32% I don’t feel confident
  • 40% Don’t know what to say
  • 28% Worried about tech

What is your biggest fear about live streaming? Let’s talk about the solutions to help overcome your fears and break down the barriers to live streaming!

Fear #1: I don’t feel comfortable or confident on camera 

  • I don’t like how I sound on camera
  • I don’t like how I look
  • I am afraid of negative comments

Solution: Practice, practice, practice 

  • Get used to your voice. We hear ourselves differently than others hear us because we hear the resonance inside our ears. Record your voice and listen back to it until you get used to it.
  • People are most concerned with your message and less concerned with how you look on camera. It’s okay to make an effort to look presentable, feel put together and done up, but don’t let that be what keeps you from going through with video.
  • If you don’t go out and share your message because you worry about negative comments, you’re giving in to bullies and trolls and they’re winning over your freedom of speech.
  • Start a private Facebook group for yourself to test out the technology, identify any problems, resolve audio issues or to do a practice run Facebook Live. Set the privacy so you can only see it, record, then review.

Fear #2: I don’t know what to talk about

  • I won’t remember what to say
  • I am afraid to mess up on live camera
  • I am worried about running out of ideas
  • There is already too much content out there

Solution: Repurpose your content 

  • Everyone has something to share and contribute. Put your own spin on what’s already out there. Figure out what you can add to a topic to add even more value. 
  • Take something you’ve already done and repurpose it, repackage it and deliver it another way. For example, a blog post can be broken down into smaller pieces and you can do short videos on each part of the post.
  • Listen to Episode 24, How to Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose Your Content where we go into more detail about how to transform your existing content. (link below in resources.

Solution: Be Prepared and Use Notes

  • When going live, make sure you’re prepared with your notes. Off-the-cuff content is usually disorganized and its harder for your listeners to get the full value. You don’t have to have a script, but talking points will help to guide you while sounding natural.

Solution: Use tools to make it easier

  • For pre-recorded video, you can use an iPhone/Android app called BIGVU. There’s a free version with a watermark or a paid version. This is a great way to practice and run through a script.
  • For live video, you can use Google Docs with your notes written out and go live on a split-screen.

Fear #3: I am worried something will go wrong with the tech

  • I will look unprofessional if there is a glitch
  • I feel overwhelmed by all of the steps
  • I don’t have fancy equipment or tools

Solution: Start with what you have. 

  • You only need three things for a great live stream: a camera, audio, and light. You can get all three for less than $100, but it can be even less if you use what you already have.
  • Smartphone or Video Camera – Most smartphones these days have a great video camera, start with that and prop it up or buy a small tripod that holds your phone. 
  • Audio – You can use your wired earbuds for audio.
  • Light – Sit in front of a window, with the light on your face (not behind you) or buy a ring light for your phone.

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

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