6 Causes of Writer’s Block and How to Overcome Them – Ep 64

Creating content can be overwhelming, we cover six causes of writer’s block and how to overcome them so that you can create amazing content.

There are a lot of reasons why you might struggle to create content and get writer’s block. The stories we tell ourselves about why we aren’t creating at the level we would like. In this episode, we’re talking about the most common barriers that cause writer’s block and how to overcome them.

6 Reasons You Might Have Writer’s Block and Strategies to Overcome Them

Reason One: How do I find the time to create content?

One of the most common reasons people have writer’s block is because they don’t have the time to create quality content on a regular basis. Here are six strategies to overcome time limitations.

  • Plan ahead. In Episode 18, we went into detail about creating relevant content. We outlined ways to put together content for 6-8 months in just 2-3 hours.
  • Use content you’ve already created. In Episode 24, we talked about evergreen content and how to reuse, recycle and repurpose your content.
  • Use live stream video. This is a quick, easy way to get content out. This is also a good way to build an audience and build ads around them. Live streams can be done in 30 minutes, where a blog post may take hours or days to write. They’re a huge time saver.
  • Speak it. Use an audio recorder and record your content that way. Have it transcribed and turn the transcription into a blog post or other content.
  • Podcasting is fun and easy. Podcasting is easier than creating a blog post because you only need a general outline of what you’re going to talk about.
  • Get a Partner. Working with someone gives you a partner to bounce ideas off of, generate ideas and assist with content creation. It’s easier to produce content when you have someone to talk to about it

Reason Two: How do I get my mind from getting distracted why I am creating content?

If you are having trouble concentrating and it is contributing to writer’s block, try these three strategies.

  • Create blocks of time. The Pomodoro Method is creating in shorts bursts in blocks of time. You create for a small block of time, then take a short break which helps with distractions and content blocks. There are apps that can assist with this process, but you can also do it manually with a timer.
  • Block all social media. Turn your notifications on your phone and computer off for a short time so you can focus on content without the added distraction.
  • Use Rescue Time. This is a time management software for the desktop to stay productive. It shows you how you spend your time on your computer and shares your daily habits. Analyze how you’re using your time and ensure it’s in a productive way.
  • Use White Noise. Playing white noise or different types of music puts your brain in a flow state, making you hyper-focused and exponentially more productive. Find what works for you, because it may just be the tv playing in the background.

Reason Three: How can I figure out what to write about?

One big reason for content block is not knowing what to write about. Try these two strategies to get clarity on your topic.

  • Find Your Passion. Know what you’re passionate about because it comes across when you’re talking or writing about something and people feel and hear that and connect with your content. If they don’t, they get bored. Use Kami’s “future self” tactic, writing down what would you say to yourself if you could meet yourself in the future and tell yourself about the accomplishments you made up until that time.
  • Niche Down. If your subject is too broad, you need to get more specific. You will grow an audience faster with a very specific topic, but if you’re also less likely to get distracted if you’re not covering a broad subject. Later on, you can always branch out, but when starting it helps to get and stay focused.

Reason Four: How do I get over feeling burned out?

Creating content takes focused effort, and you can get that if you are burned out. You have to take a break to overcome this. Paradoxically, taking a break can help you break through to your inner content ninja faster.

  • Change Your Focus. Change your environment, go outside, take a walk, get a breath of fresh air, take a vacation, just take a break from creating. Get out of that space and that can help to re-energize and refocus and get back on track.
  • Plan breaks. You should take planned breaks to give yourself mental space.

Reason Five: How do I get over my perfectionism to create more content?

Perfectionism is the enemy of done. Letting go of our preconceived ideas about how something “Should” be done is critical to getting things done. You can be excellent, but you can also get nothing done while holding yourself to an impossible level of perfection.

  • Scale back expectations. If you have the idea that you must do everything perfectly or not do it at all, it becomes overwhelming and distracting. This state of mind can prevent you from starting at all. Just get started and great mini-goals that you can get done easily. Use the elephant method to break down tasks into digestible pieces.
  • Do “B-” Work. Sometimes you just have to get content out, then make corrections, tweaks, and refinements later on. Be willing to just get it out there. Don’t let perfectionism stand in your way of getting things done.

Reason Six: How can I overcome the feeling that I am not an expert?

If you can talk about a topic for an hour, off the cuff, or advice someone one-on-one and get good results, then you are most likely an expert in that field. Here are two strategies to overcome imposter syndrome, which is a feeling that you are an imposter, which can keep you from creating the content you need to feed your business.

  • Imposter Syndrome. We all suffer from this from time-to-time. In Episode 58, we talked about ways to overcome imposter syndrome. Don’t let it block you or interfere with creating content that you need to get out there and share with the world.
  • Don’t worry about other people. It’s easy to worry about what other people will think. But you don’t want to get caught up in that way of thinking. Remember that you will attract the people you need to attract and repel the people you need to repel– both are desirable. It doesn’t define your self-worth.

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