6 Ways to Overcome Imposter Syndrome Anxiety – Ep 58

Are you a very successful person that feels like you got there by chance? Despite your achievements and education, do you fear you are missing some qualification? We have put together 6 Ways to Overcome Imposter Syndrome to help you get over the anxiety, and have included some specific examples.

The Psychology of Imposter Syndrome

The psychology of imposter syndrome was first observed by Dr Pauline Clance and Susan Imes who noticed during therapeutic sessions with high achieving women that many suffered from anxiety and feelings of inadequacy, despite the evidence to the contrary. In fact, up to 70 percent of women they treated reported that they felt like an imposter when they succeeded. This was later documented in the The Journal of The Journal of Behavioral Science in a paper titled The Impostor Phenomenon by Sakulku, J.

If you are trying to do important things, chances are you have experienced imposter syndrome. Many of the qualified experts on the planet have probably experienced it from time to time, so you’re not alone.  People like Sheryl Sandberg, these 25 Celebrities, and these notable people.

Reasons you feel like an imposter

  • You have high expectations for yourself and others
  • You feel the need to learn more before getting started
  • You think that if it doesn’t come easy to you that you aren’t an expert
  • You feel you must do it by yourself, and if you need help, then you aren’t legitimately successful
  • You feel you must succeed in all aspects of life and business or your success in another area doesn’t count
  • You compare your success to what others are achieving, this is especially prevalent on social media

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome Anxiety

Acceptance is the first step. Acknowledging that you have these thoughts and then reframing them. Below, we have taken the reasons we listed above and came up with examples of how to reframe your thoughts for each one.

Imposter: I have really high expectations for myself and others.
Winner: I’ve set a good enough, good and very good goal and I will be happy with whichever goal I achieved.

Imposter: I need to learn more before I get started because I am not an expert yet.
Winner: I will learn as I go, I just need to get started.

Imposter: If it doesn’t come easy to me, I am not an expert.
Winner: Working hard is how I become an expert.

Imposter: I have to do it all by myself or I am just pretending to be an expert.
Winner: Finding and assembling a competent team reflects well on my expertise.

Imposter: I need to succeed in all areas of life or I am a failure.
Winner: We are all a work in progress and I celebrate even my small wins.

Imposter: Compared to my other peers, I am way behind.
Winner: Everyone has personal and professional challenges, even if I don’t see them. Like Oprah said, don’t focus on your competition, focus on your purpose.

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The Imposter Syndrome Test

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