How to Survive Changing Social Media Trends in 2019 – Ep 81

The key to surviving the quickly changing environment in social media is to pivot quickly. So how do you overcome and survive those changes? We give you 10 ideas to consider.

10 Strategies and Tactics to Master Social Media

  • Build a community. If you have a strong community, you will notice when things are changing, when they are shifting to new platforms or trying different things and you can follow your audience. Things change and you have to go where your community is.

  • Build an email list and keep in touch. Use social media to build your email list. An email list is yours, it’s not going away and it’s a good way to keep in touch with your audience directly. Email is still the best way to keep connected.  
  • Use new tools and tactics. Keep your eyes out for the tools that are being developed that connect people online, offline and through various social media platforms.
    • connects Facebook advertising with your email list and targeted groups.
    • Facebook and Google Location Beacons allow you to offer deals through the Facebook app when people are in your store.
    • Retargeting Advertising has become a standard in advertising.
  • Build redundancy into your plans. Don’t depend on API’s of the social media platforms and tools you use for your business. Social media is constantly changing and it’s best to be open to the changes and prepare for them so you can shift quickly.

  • Shift your mindset. It’s normal to feel stressed out when things change, but there are shifts you can make ahead of those changes to help yourself out when they arise. Change is constant and you have to be able to adapt to keep up.
      • Expect things to change and have a plan, like a crisis communication and business interruption plan.
      • Learn to pivot instead of complaining about changes. Action takers turn these changes into opportunities.
      • Don’t expect to do everything for free. All of the social media platforms expect to monetize.
      • Be willing to go old school. Think about how you can connect with your community outside of social media.
  • Some tactics for connecting with audiences have been left behind by some, but they still work.

    • Websites are still a great marketing tool. It’s your real estate that you own and no one can take it away. Never give up your website. Run an audit and look for opportunities to freshen things up.
    • Blogging is an amazing way to get people to your website. Blog posts live on and they aren’t going to go away.
    • Email is and always will be important and a solid way to reach your audience.
    • Forums are a great way to connect with your community, your audience and with people that are like-minded.
    • Facebook groups are still a great way to connect, but there may be a time when advertising is needed to gain interest. Definitely build an email list of your group members.

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Take Action

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