Marketing Your Community with Email – Ep 17

In this episode, we are going to share ways to build and market your community using email.

You would think that with the rise of social media, email would become less important. However, it is now more important than ever. Social networks are constantly changing the algorithms that deliver your content, but email, if done correctly, gives you a direct path to your audience.

Episode Highlights:

  • Connect with Your Tribe

    You have to have a way of connecting with your community and email is the best way to do it. Social media has visibility limitations and is always changing, whereas an email has a better chance of grabbing someone’s undivided attention.

  • Make Sure Your Email Tribe Opts In

    It’s a privilege to land in someone’s email box. Be sure you have permission from the recipient and they have opted in. Don’t opt someone in and add them to your list automatically based on an email conversation or because they are a new client. Fewer open rates through your email provider equate to lower delivery rates. You want to attract people to your list that will open your emails so your overall delivery is as successful as it can be.

  • Email Tools to Use

    Madalyn’s favorite email provider is MailChimp. They have a free account for people with 2000 or fewer subscribers and offer perks for small businesses that are just getting started. Kami also uses MailChimp for reminders, social media, and marketing events and ConvertKit for business-related email.

  • Setting Up Your Email List Funnel

    Set up an email list funnel specific to your community. If you need a sense of how to set it up, sign up for our list and note the signup process. Also, see the four-step funnel process below.

  • Using a Lead Magnet

    How do you get people on your list? It works best to offer people something when they sign up, like an e-book, checklist, lead magnet, freebie or another incentive. Think about what you can offer people to draw them in and encourage them to sign up. One example that Madalyn uses is her Secret Sauce as a Twitter lead magnet.

4-Part Quick-Start Email Funnel

  1. Set up a Form

    Use your email provider to set up a form and place your sign up on your social media platforms or website. Promote it across your channels and ask your followers to sign up.

  2. Welcome Email

    Set up a welcome email that is automatically sent to subscribers when people sign up for your list. Use this as an opportunity to tell them what to expect from you.

  3. Thank You Page

    Create a “thank you” page on your own blog or website that has information about the community and provide a lagniappe or freebie for people. Also, you can add a goal on Google Analytics to see how many people convert and how effective your marketing efforts are.

  4. Email Schedule

    Create a regular email schedule to send out to your community and be consistent.

Links, Tools and Apps Mentioned:


Set up an email account with Mailchimp, ConvertKit or another provider. If you already have a list, set it up to send an automated email when people sign up if you haven’t already done that. Check your process by signing up yourself so you don’t miss anything. Be sure to tweet us @madalynsklar and @kamichat and share your progress with us. We want to hear from you!

How to Reach Kami:

If you’d like to learn more about Kami Huyse, visit her website at www.zoeticamedia.com. You can contact her by email at kami@zoeticamedia.com or tweet to @kamichat.

How to Reach Madalyn:

If you’d like to learn more about Madalyn Sklar, visit her website at www.madalynsklar.com. You can contact her by email at madalyn@madalynsklar.com or tweet to @MadalynSklar.

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