How to Find Out What Your Customer Really Wants and Will Pay For – Ep 111

Everyone tells you that you need to focus on one customer and talk directly to them with your marketing. But who is your customer, and how do you learn all the information you need to know to connect with them?

It’s important to know how to best serve your community and you can do this by getting to know them on a more intimate level. You need to strike up a regular conversation with them. They can help you take your ideas to the next level which will allow you to serve them even better. In this episode, we are going to run through our 3-part framework for honing in on your ideal audience for your content and services.

Three Ways to Get to Know Your Tribe

#1: Choose who you want to serve

  • Ask yourself every day, what does my audience need from me today? You will be creating lots of content and spending time with your customers. Make sure they are your people and the people that you want to serve. Pick the audience you’re passionate about helping. Block off time on your calendar to interview people. When you identify someone who may be your ideal audience, ask them to jump on a call with you to talk. This is not the place to sell, it’s the time to ask what they need from you and what their problems are. Take great notes, because whatever they say will be gold. 
  • Ask them, when it comes to YOUR TOPIC, what is the one thing that frustrates you most? Right now, go over to Twitter or Facebook and tell @madalynsklar and @kamichat what frustrates you most about social media right now. #CTCPodcast.

#2: Validate your ideas with your ideal audience

  • Ask your idea client these 2 questions. You need to validate what your audience wants from you. It all boils down to TWO questions you need to ask yourself and your ideal audience:
  1. What problem are you solving for your ideal community member?
  2. What will life be like for them after you solve the problem?

Photo of a female ninja denting a tipNinja Tip: If you need some help thinking of ways to connect with people that might be a part of your ideal audience, you can listen to episode 44, Asking for Feedback from Customers with Polls and Surveys, where we go into more detail.


#3: Engage your audience with questions

Engaging with your audience is so important, but how do you ask them and what kinds of questions should you ask?

In Amy Porterfield’s recent podcast episode, The Better Buzz Strategy to Boost Engagement in Your Facebook Group, she talked with Dana Malstaff, founder of Boss Mom. Dana has built a Facebook group of 40K Boss Moms. Dana uses 6 types of posts to bump up engagement in her group. 

They are:

  1. Decision Post – Asks people to help her make a decision
  2. Opinion Post – Open the floor for people to share their opinions
  3. Permission Post – Permission to be who you are and connect with people on a deeper level
  4. Humble Brag – Tell people what you’ve done
  5. Ask Post – A call to action
  6. Authority Post – Do a live stream video to teach or to do a hot seat

Take one or two of these post ideas and start using them in your groups to see if they help with engagement.

Photo of a female ninja denting a tipNinja Tip: Tag people in the comments sections of posts in your group, like your live streams or to ask them to participate in a discussion. Don’t be spammy. One group, I (Kami) am in tags people who might be able to help out with a question from another group member.


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Take Action

Define who you think your ideal customer is and then search for someone to call and set up a 15-minute call with them. People to call may be past clients, friends who meet the criteria of your ideal customer, someone you meet in a Facebook group, etc. You can use the free starter version of Zoom to set up the calls. Ask them questions about their biggest frustrations and roadblocks when it comes to your topic. Share what you learned or ask questions in our Facebook group. See details about how to join below.

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