Which Social Media Platforms Should You Focus On for Business? – Ep 93

If you are overwhelmed and wonder which social media platforms you should focus on to get results for your business, this is the episode for you.

Did you know there is new data that tells you exactly where your audience is hanging out in social media right now? Pew Internet Research has its new data out from 2019 about how the average American is using social media. While this is US-based data, it is a large sampling and will give you some ideas, no matter where you are based. In this episode, we’re talking data.

4 Ways to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

  • Get really clear on who you are trying to reach. This is important because you have to look at data through the lens of why you need it, instead of looking at it so broadly. Pew shows you data based on gender, age, race, income level, education level and if a person is in a rural, suburban or urban area. They look at all the social media platforms against these data points.
  • Use this as a roadmap and don’t just focus on the platforms you like using. Look at the data and if your audience is on a platform you don’t know well, learn how to use it and use it to your advantage and market your business well.
  • Know who the biggest audiences are on each social media platform. It’s important to look at the data because it tells you so much. Here’s the data on the top platforms:


YouTube – Men, Ages 18-29, $75K+, College+, and Urban areas

Facebook – Women, Ages 25-29, $30K-$75K, Some college and college+, Urban

Instagram – Women, Ages 18-24, $75K+, College+, Urban

Pinterest – Women, Ages 18-29 and 30-49, $75K+, College+, Urban and Suburban

LinkedIn – Men, ages 25-49, $75K+. College+, Urban and Suburban

Snapchat – Men and Women, Ages 18-24, $30-$75K, Urban

Twitter – Men, ages 18-29, $75K+, College+, Urban


  • Look at the data in the lens that matters for you. What really matters is where the people you want to reach are hanging out. If they are on more than one platform and you feel overwhelmed, start with the one that has your best opportunity for you or the one you’re most comfortable using.

Pew Internet Research Use of Online Platforms Data

We used the Pew Internet “Use of different online platforms by demographics groups” data  – Conducted Jan 8-Feb 7. Here are the results we looked at when considering stay at home moms in suburban areas:

By Gender

Facebook (75%)

YouTube (68%)

Instagram (43%)

Pinterest (42%)

By age (25-29)

YouTube (93%)

Facebook (84%)

Instagram (57%)

Snapchat (47%)

LinkedIn (44%)

By Income ($30-$75K)

YouTube (75%)

Facebook (72%)

Instagram (39%)

College Educated

YouTube (80%)

Facebook (74%)

LinkedIn (51%)

Instagram (43%)


YouTube (74%)

Facebook (69%)

Tools, apps, and links mentioned:

Take Action

Take your customer avatar or persona and look at the data links we have in the show notes. What platforms are the best places for your perfect audience or customer? Tell us in the Facebook group

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