The Power of Volunteering to Build Your Personal Brand – Ep 96

Kyle Hetrick, who volunteers in our Communities that Convert Facebook group, is with us today speaking about volunteerism and why it's so important.

We sat down with Kyle Hetrick and had a frank discussion about the benefits as well as the challenges of volunteering in your community.

Question: Tell us a little bit about yourself and the different hats you wear in the military to your online business? 

Answer: Back in 2008, I joined the Army Reserves and I’ve been in ever since. I run my business, IUBY LLC, a marketing and business development company. I also work a full time job for the Department of Defense as a government civilian. I’m a father of four and have one on the way. I volunteer my time for you guys and also Veterans Referring Veterans, running the state of Utah on their behalf.

Question:  Why should someone consider volunteering for a group like Communities that Convert or another organization?

Answer: Recognition. You get noticed quickly for volunteering. It’s helpful. If you see someone or a group that is doing something amazing and you want to get in there and help, they might really need the help. You’ll feel good in the process and your point of view is always going to be different than theirs. In the long run, you help them just as much as they help you. 

Question: What are the best ways to volunteer? 

Answer: The sky is the limit. You can do anything that’s needed such as contacting people for an event, help set up technical support for a livestream or help moderate a group. Just ask, because you never know what help is needed and it’s easy to find something to do. 

Question: How can you set boundaries, so you don’t get taken advantage of?

Answer: With volunteering, you’re giving away your time for free. How do you make sure you’re not giving away too much time? The best way I’ve found is to be up front and honest. This may lead to continued volunteering, partially paid work, or realizing it’s not the right fit for you.

Question: What are other ways, short of volunteering, that you can get noticed in an online community? 

Answer: Be engaged, stay active, keep your face out there and do things outside the norm. If you see a status quo of what’s going on, take a step back, look at other ways to do exactly what they’re doing and go for it. 

Question: What are the biggest challenges of volunteering? 

Answer: For me, time management. It’s something you have to be on top of in your everyday life, but if you’re going to volunteer your time, people are counting on you to do these things. Where I’m from, you’re only as good as your word and if you can’t live up to your word, then you’re doing damage to your reputation, to yourself and your business. Manage your time. f you have to, put it on a calendar and set reminders. The second biggest challenge is making sure you fit where you’re trying to volunteer. If you have a vision of something and you want to just go for it, but the leadership doesn’t match, it may not be comfortable for you in the long run. Make sure to find the right place and the right thing to volunteer for. 

Question: What are some tips you would give to people looking for an impactful place to volunteer?

Answer: Find things you’re passionate about, things you love to do – and it doesn’t have to be business related. If you really want to volunteer and you want to do it for the right reasons, you’re going to do it from a place you can relate to. 

Question: What are the biggest benefits of volunteering?

Answer: You’re happy, you feel good, you’re helping other people, you’re getting your name out there, you’re getting recognized. For me, it’s the feel good about it. 

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