How to Up-Level Your Email Communication – Ep 95

Do you know you need to uplevel your email game but aren’t exactly sure how? We dive into 5 email strategies that will change the game.

Today we’re talking about how to make your email one of those that’s anticipated by your readers. We are working on upleveling our own email this year, so we’re sharing five of our favorite tips that will get you better results. Let’s go!

5 Email Strategies to Uplevel Your Communication

  1. Consider your audience
  • Knowing who you are talking with is critical because you can make your writing more conversational so that your ideal audience will feel you are talking directly to them.
  • Ann Handley, author of the book Everybody Writes, says “Make the customer the hero of your story.” In her book, Ann gives some great tips about becoming a better writer. 
  • Take ideas from others who have targeted audiences and are doing this really well. We dive into some specific examples in the podcast. Hit play above to listen. 
  1. Have a great subject line
  • Jenna Kutcher, the podcaster behind the Goal Digger, does this well. Her most recent subject lines include, “Did you remember to unplug that??”, “Example – 90 cheap hamburgers or THIS?!” and “Like Game of Thrones, this $99.50 deal is almost over…”
  • You only have a few seconds to catch the eye of someone in email and most people are overwhelmed with email. It makes it vital that you use a strong, well thought out subject line.
  1. Use personalization
  • Personalization will take your email to the next level. If you have collected it, address your email reader by their name.
  • If you don’t have a reader’s name, change the focus of your email to “you” and remove the word “I” from your emails. Instead of using the word “my” use the word “our” to make your email feel inclusive of your reader.
  • Open with a gripping opening sentence that captures the reader and makes them want to read more.
  1. Get to the point
  • Jenna Kutcher does this so well. She isn’t afraid to ask for the sale, but she does in a very relatable way. For example, in a recent newsletter email, as we mentioned about her subject line said “90 cheap hamburgers or THIS?!” and she followed up with this:

    I googled this today: what can $100 buy you? I laughed at some of the responses and HAD to share with you. You could get: 90 cheap hamburgers, 3 oil changes, a tent and a sleeping bag, 5 disposable cameras, 200 packages of ramen, 6 tickets to laser tag… all for $100. But google forgot this little stat: You could get 31 courses led by brilliant business women for $99.50.”
  1. Layer your emails like a multiple course meal
  • Dessert is awesome, but if you eat it all of the time, you are likely to get sick. It’s the same with your email sequences, you need to provide variety. 
  • When people sign up for your email, they need to get to know, like and trust you, that usually takes more than one email. 
  • Here’s a sample opening sequence to spread out over 2-3 weeks (for most industries). We got the idea for this from Todd Giantassion and theGrowthSuite.com, who sponsor our podcast and host this website:
    • Lead Magnet Sign-Up – Offer a valuable freebie or experience
    • Welcome – Set the stage and let them know what to expect from you 
    • About You – Tell a backstory to demonstrate that you are relatable and how you overcame a problem they currently have.
    • The Ah-ha Email – Deliver content in this email that will give your audience a breakthrough or epiphany about their problem. 
    • The Story Email – In this email, share stories from people you have helped with their problem so they see you have a solution. Don’t sell yet. 
    • The Value Email – Share some content, a blog post or podcast episode you have created about a topic. This further proves you have expertise.
    • The Offer – Now you can share an offer. Be clear about the value and also have some urgency, a price point that expires, the offer ending on a certain day, etc.
    • Value + Offer – You might need a few more of these emails as the deadline for the offer or campaign comes to a close. If you don’t have an offer, you can transition them to your nurturing emails.

Make sure you have the right email tools to implement your strategy, go to: The Best Tools to Send Email to Your Community – Ep 94

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