How to Ask for Testimonials from your Community – Ep 48

In this episode, we're talking about how to ask for testimonials from your community and we have some great suggestions for how to get them without feeling uncomfortable.

Natural Ways to Ask for a Testimonial

  • Just Ask. You can’t be afraid to ask for testimonials. Ask students, clients and colleagues whenever you’ve worked with them, completed a session or training and ask right away before much time passes.
  • Written Testimonials. Ask for testimonials that are both written and on video, but understand that people are busy and you may not receive both. Written testimonials are easy to tweet, post on Facebook and share. Video testimonials are even more powerful.
  • Incentives. Consider an incentive when you ask for testimonials, like an offering or gift certificates. Marisa Murgatroyd in her Experience Product Masterclass offered $25 Experience Bucks for future products from for people who sent in a video testimonial at the end of her course.
  • Case Studies. Put together a case study and use it in a presentation or article. Case studies are a great way to showcase your work and don’t require you to ask for testimonials. Create a case study after each client interaction which demonstrates the challenge and goals, the approach and the results. This gives insight into how you work and provides a measurement of success.
  • Surveys and Ratings. Send your customers a survey after a course or event and ask for testimonials when they rate and review you on their online service of choice (such as Yelp, Google, Amazon, Trip Advisor and many others, depending on your industry). You can also use a direct survey to ask for a testimonial and get permission to use it.
  • Facebook Groups. Use Facebook Groups to connect with your community and ask for testimonials within your group. Create a win-win for others where you can to obtain a testimonial, but also showcase someone else.
  • Live Events. Get testimonials at live events by bringing a camera and asking people to speak about what they got out of the event on the spot.
  • LinkedIn Recommendations. Ask for recommendations from former colleagues and clients on LinkedIn. You can then ask for permission to feature them on your website.
  • Email and Verbal Feedback. Look out for the opportunities right in front of you in the form of an email, tweet or post where someone says something nice about you. Ask their permission to share it publicly before sharing it as a testimonial.

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Take Action

Make a list of 2-3 current or former clients and ask for a LinkedIn testimonial. We have already started a conversation in the Facebook group. Come and share how you are getting testimonials and get advice on getting more.

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