How to Find and Participate in the Best Twitter Chats – Ep 25

Do you ever wonder how to find and participate in the best Twitter chats out there for your niche? In this episode, you will learn that and also how to participate in a Twitter chat once you find the right one.

Madalyn Sklar has started two successful Twitter chats and she shares her knowledge with us about, how to participate, etiquette and business benefits of participating in and starting Twitter chats. She’s also giving us access to a free resource, so tune in!

Question: What is a Twitter chat?

Answer: A Twitter chat is a group of people coming together during a set time to have a conversation that revolves around a hashtag. As long as you include the hashtag in your tweet, you are part of the conversation. A Twitter chat is a way for people to meet up and have a conversation about a topic they are interested in. It’s bringing like-minded people together at a scheduled time, usually for an hour each week. Imagine you’re at a networking event with hundreds of people. In an hour you have the ability to walk up and say “Hi” to everyone.

Question: How do you find the best Twitter chats?

Answer: It’s not always easy and there’s no single directory that has every Twitter chat in it. Just Google search for the topic you’re interested in. Madalyn has compiled a list of the best Twitter chats for social media and marketing. Another way to find chats is through word of mouth or other friend’s tweets or a Google “Your Topic + Twitter Chat.”

Question: How can participating in a Twitter chat benefit your business?

Answer: If you’re not participating in Twitter chats, you’re missing great opportunities to connect and engage with people in your industry. It’s a place where you can learn valuable information, share your expertise, be recognized as an expert, grow your visibility online and build your audience and community.

Question: What are some helpful Do’s and Don’ts?

Answer: There’s a definite etiquette. Listen before jumping into the chat and you’ll learn quickly how to chat. Follow the lead of the chat host because they dictate the flow of the chat. Use an A and the number of the question before each of your responses. Don’t promote, this is not a place to sell. Instead, have an incredible Twitter bio and profile. Do share your insights, show off your knowledge and expertise. Be friendly to everyone on the chat. Have a browser tab open to the chat host.

Question: What are the benefits to starting your own chat?

Answer: Running a Twitter chat gives you the opportunity to get seen as an industry expert and thought leader. It helps you to build authority and boost your brand awareness. Do research first to see if there are already Twitter chats in your market. If no one else is doing something that you’re an expert in, be the one to get out there and start the best Twitter chat in that category. If the market is oversaturated, go watch, participate, see what’s missing. You can still be successful by putting your own spin on it.

Question: How can people learn more about how to start the best Twitter Chats to build their online influence?

Answer: Madalyn is building a free mini-course for that called, “Building Your Influence with Twitter Chats.”  We will add a link to the show notes once it becomes available. In the meanwhile, you can visit her online courses page.

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Take Action

Find the best Twitter chat related to your industry with topics and guests that resonate with you and participate in the chat. Be sure to tag us when you do @kamichat and @madalynsklar.

How to reach Kami:

If you’d like to learn more about Kami Huyse, visit her website at www.zoeticamedia.com. You can contact her by email at kami@zoeticamedia.com or tweet to @kamichat.

How to reach Madalyn:

If you’d like to learn more about Madalyn Sklar, visit her website at www.madalynsklar.com. You can contact her by email at madalyn@madalynsklar.com or tweet to @MadalynSklar.

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