How to Build a Converting Community on Twitter with Adel de Meyer – Ep 30

Adel de Meyer shares her tips to build a converting community on Twitter. She shares tools and techniques she has used to build a strong online brand and company.

This is a part of our series on how to grow and monetize by providing huge value to your online community. Today, we have a special guest for you. We are excited to have Adel de Meyer with us today to talk about Twitter.

Adel de Meyer is a Social Media and Brand consultant, brand ambassador, author and mentor with a top-listed digital and tech blog. She’s recognized as a leading Instagram and Twitter influencer on social media and business in Australia and around the world.

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Question: Why do you like Twitter as a tool to build a Converting Community?

Answer: Twitter is a mindset that people are friends, they’re open and approachable. It takes time to get adjusted to the platform, but once you’re comfortable you can utilize Twitter as a tool to build fantastic friendships and also to generate leads and convert people into customers.

Question: How do you get people to follow you on Twitter? How do you build a converting community there?

Answer: You have to start with a strategy, deciding you want to use Twitter as a lead generation tool, take time to really engage, find people to follow, start conversations, find amazing content to share and look up Twitter chats in your niche. People pick up on your engagement, so it’s more than pushing content. You have to actually engage so the Twitter algorithm favors you so you’re more discoverable. Always be yourself and provide value, not showing up to sell or self-promote. Engage in chats and ask questions, making time to become part of the community. With constant engagement, you can slowly build on that support and see the results of your engagement.

Question: How do you get people to convert to a customer from Twitter?

Answer: They key is starting with a good bio and intro. Then make sure any links you share for your website or other site are working by periodically testing them. Think about if a person wants to work with you, where do you want to send them? Optimize your profile with a good banner and profile picture. Use tools like Hootsuite, Talkwalker or Twitter Advanced Search to search for conversations and keywords that you can jump in on.

Question: How are you using the various features of Twitter: Moments, Lists, Polls and Video?

Answer: Adel talks about the power of a feature on Twitter called “Moments” (see links to all of our Moments at the bottom of the post) and how Twitter algorithms are working to provide feed notifications for given topics. You can make moments about your fan shout outs or portfolio. Lists can be used to keep track of friends, influencers and clients. Nimble is CRM software that can be used with a Chrome extension while you browse Twitter. It will pull through all of a person’s information and build lists to email or track them. Polls are used for business questions, fun questions or research to find out what people are interested in. Videos are automatically played through Twitter Ads. Of all the Twitter features, Adel finds the most value in the List function and how it can be used with other integrations.

Question: Is there something you’re working on that we can highlight?

Answer: Adel recently kicked off a new partnership with a social media peer, Shane Barker who offers content and influencer marketing solutions. They’ll be offering content solutions such as infographics, PR, copywriting, blog content and the whole overall package. Check it out here at Content Solutions.

About Adel

Adel de Meyer is a Social Media Specialist, live streaming show host, author and mentor. Adel works with entrepreneurs, startups, personal brands and business owners to identify opportunities within Social Media and how to use Social Media as a marketing and relationship building tool. Adel is listed as a Top 10 Social Media influencer in Australia and in the Top 100 Social Media influencers globally. Adel is ranked by Dr Jim Barry as a Top 20 Social Media Coach. Her blog is recommended as a Top 25 Social Media blog by Post Planner.

How to reach Adel:

If you’d like to learn more about Adel de Meyer, visit her website at www.adeldemeyer.com. You can also tweet her @adeldmeyer

Links to Tools Mentioned:

Take Action

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If you’d like to learn more about Kami Huyse, visit her website at www.zoeticamedia.com. You can contact her by email at kami@zoeticamedia.com or tweet to @kamichat.

How to reach Madalyn:

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