Asking for Feedback from Customers with Polls and Surveys – Ep 44

Do you need more information about how to ask for feedback from customers with polls and surveys on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

In this episode, we are talking about how to engage with your audience through surveys and polls to get community feedback and to get people talking. 

Customer Feedback on Facebook

  • Whether it’s business related or just for fun, engaging questions are an easy way to get community feedback. Ask a question and use one of Facebook’s graphic backgrounds.
  • Facebook polls allow you to gather information, interests and preferences from your community. The information gathered can be very valuable to you. Facebook Polls allows you to create multiple answers and people can add their own answers and responses.
  • You can use Facebook Ads to run A/B tests with varying copy and photos. The ones that get the best engagement and responses give you an overview of what most resonates with the people you’re aiming to reach. 

Customer Feedback on Twitter

  • Twitter polls are under-utilized, likely because they are so basic. 
  • The question in your Twitter polls can include a maximum of 280 characters, and each poll choice can be up to 25 characters with up to 4 choices. You cannot attach an image or GIF.
  • Twitter poll hack: To add emojis to your poll choices, create the answers with emojis in the Twitter composition box, then copy/paste it into the answer lines.
  • Unlike Facebook, Twitter allows participants to vote anonymously and responses are private. Not even the poll creator can see the source of poll responses.
  • The poll can be run for as little as 5 minutes (too short for most uses) and up to 7 days in length. We usually choose 24 to 48 hours. You can also pin the poll or re-tweet your poll to keep it in the feed or retweet it once — which Madalyn refers to as the second pinned Tweet.

Customer Feedback on Instagram

  • Instagram polls can we created with Poll Stickers on Stories, which can be used with a photo or video. By default, the poll answers are “yes” and “no”, but you can also customize the responses. Refer to Episode 41 for more details on Instagram’s features
  • Participant’s answers on Instagram polls are not anonymous and can be viewed by looking at the stats. 
  • The Emoji Slider Sticker is another way to engage with people in Instagram Stories. Participants slide the poll option which displays poll results in emojis.

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