5 Ideas to Get Your Community Talking – Ep 20

The more your community talks, the more they act. Today we’ll discuss strategies to get your community talking.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Ask them questions

  • Madalyn discusses how she uses this tactic using Twitter and Facebook polls to gauge what her community interested in, especially when working on new online courses.
  • Ask your community what they want before you create things. Work on the offer that’s attractive to your community, something they really need and want.
  1. Create a Challenge Contest

  • You can get people to act in a short period of time and get results.
  • Madalyn discusses her experience taking part in Facebook challenges where the leader brings everyone together in a live discussion on the Facebook page and how it’s beneficial in making her feel like a part of the community.
  1. Live Streaming

  • Congregate your community in one place using Twitter, Facebook live streams or Periscope, to get your community talking to one another.
  • Madalyn hosts live streams after her #SocialROI and #TwitterSmarter Twitter chats. After the chat is over, she discusses the topic in more detail with a guest over the livestream.
  • Kami highlights that moving a community to a live stream brings people together in a more intimate setting where they can more closely connect. 
  1. Create a Leaderboard

  • Kami discusses how she uses Grytics to create a group leaderboard and reward people for their participation. Leaderboards are a form of gamification, encouraging your community to connect. It also serves as a reward for the people that are active in the group.
  • Social Media Marketing World conference uses a leaderboard based on the use of their official event hashtag. Madalyn talks about her experience at last year’s conference being in the top 10 of their leaderboard and how it gave her a sense of validation in her career. 
  1. Hot-seat coaching

  • Feature someone in your community to the rest of the community and then outline how they also can be featured.
  • Use live video so your community can interact and ask them questions. Others can learn a lot from the interaction between you and a hot-seat coaching participant.
  • Mastermind groups have hot-seat sessions to present issues and problems and the community will help by presenting ideas and opinions.
  • Pat Flynn has a podcast called Ask Pat, where he answers questions from the community. To celebrate hitting 1,000 podcast episodes, he plans to do impromptu Q&A sessions in live coaching sessions in his Facebook group.
  • Kami discusses a class a class she’s taking called The Experience Product Mastermind. She discussed a hot seat session she witnessed, and how everyone listening worked together to help come up with a name for the company of the student.

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