Monetizing Your Online Community — Ep 2

In this episode, we discuss how to monetize your community and uncover the ways to convert communities to make a living online.

Episode Highlights:

  • We share ways to earn money directly from your community through paid memberships and courses.
  • Find out how to maintain community character through membership levels, add-ons and paid options.
  • Did you know you could earn money from brands who pay for access to your community?
  • If using sponsors, make sure the brands are relevant, fits into your community and adds benefit.
  • We talk about ways to collaborate with others to leverage their communities and co-branding projects.
  • Value is a result in a community knowing, liking and trusting you.


Start taking steps towards monetizing your community. We want to hear from you. Go to CommunitiesThatConvert.com to connect with us!

You can also reach us on Twitter at @MadalynSklar and @KamiChat.

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