Using Twitter Video to Build Your Online Community – #VideoReplyDay — Ep 3

In this episode, you will learn how to use Twitter video to connect, engage and strengthen ties with your online community.

We discuss a case study from Madalyn about her initiative on Twitter using the hashtag #VideoReplyDay initiative on Twitter where she encourages people to use video by tweeting video replies. Madalyn also shares a cool ninja promo tip that’s a sure-fire way to connect you with lots of like-minded people.

Episode Highlights:

  • Madalyn talks about her strategy: Ready, Fire, Aim — pull the trigger and go. Take your idea and run with it!
  • Video is underutilized on Twitter. Madalyn is on a mission to help get more people using this feature.
  • #VideoReplyDay was launched on 7–18–17. Madalyn replied to all her tweets with a video for a total of 40 videos. In one day she grew a close-knit Twitter community by sharing videos.

Madalyn’s video tweet that kicked off #VideoReplyDay

  • Black Croft was inspired to go “all in” on the initiative and he replied to every tweet that had the #VideoReplyDay hashtag. He sent over 70 videos over the course of 6 hours! He made lots of new friends and business connections. Some tweets led to business opportunities just by sending a video.
  • “I believe in the power of community, the power of relationships and the power of people.” — Black Croft
  • Madalyn’s Ninja Strategy Tip: To bring lots of people together in a tweet, use an image and tag them. You can tag up to 10 people per image. After the first tweet, you reply to yourself, upload the image again and tag 10 more people. This is called a Twitter canoe. For this initiative, I did one more round for a total of 30 people. It’s important to not spam people. I only sent this out to people who showed interest in the initiative in the week prior to the start date. In this group, we all get notified if anyone in the group replied to any of the tweets. It becomes a chain of tweets. If you no longer wish to get notified of these tweets, you can “mute” the conversation.
  • In this initiative, we had people stretched out across the globe — Slovenia, Greece, Britain, Ireland, and all over the U.S.
Natasha is part of our #VideoReplyCommunity and lives in Greece.
  • Kami advises: “Experiment and see what works.”

How to Video Reply:

In the episode Madalyn walks us through on how to reply to a tweet with a video. Here’s the video she made during this recording.


Replying to the #VideoReply “Twitter Canoe”:

#VideoReplyDay tweet (left). See who’s part of the Twitter canoe when replying (right).

Check Your Analytics

In your Twitter analytics, you can check your video activity. This is a great feature to see your results. Below shows the 14 day period of the launch of #VideoReplyDay. You can see on day 1 and 2, my views are high. And then it explodes on day 5. After that it levels off and stays consistent. You can see your Twitter analytics at To access your video stats, click More at the top and then Videos.

Check your Twitter Analytics at

Links Mentioned in this Episode:


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How to Reach Kami Huyse:

If you’d like to learn more about Kami, visit her website at You can contact her by email at or tweet to @KamiChat.

How to Reach Madalyn Sklar:

If you’d like to learn more about Madalyn, visit her website at You can contact her by email at or tweet to @MadalynSklar.

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