Five Power Questions to Learn What Your Customer Really Wants – Ep 87

In this episode, we are going to tell you about the five power questions you need to use in order to pinpoint what your audience or customer really wants.

While there are no dumb questions, there are certainly better questions.  We will share with you five of our favorite questions that help you get to the bottom of the needs of your customer.

Top Five Power Questions to Ask Your Customer

  • Power Question 1: Open-Ended Question
    Use open-ended questions to get a sense for real problems and you read or hear the actual language.
    Use this template and plug in your niche: When it comes to [Your niche], what is your biggest frustration or challenge?
  • Power Question 2: Multiple Choice Question
    A multiple choice question sometimes gets more people to participate by providing quick, suggested answers. Don’t be too vague and be sure to provide any information people need to make a choice.
    Use this template: Do you prefer A, B, C or something else?
  • Power Question 3: Pain Point Question
    If you think you know what the pain point of your customer is, you can test if you’ve uncovered the actual pain point by using this question format and gauging the response.
    Use this template: We’ve found that X is a common source of pain for our customers. How do you feel about it?
  • Power Question 4: Do you need help with that?
    When people are in a consideration mode, looking to solve a problem and they’ve landed on your page. If you have a chat box, they can quickly answer their question and you’ll have insight into that feedback.
    Use this template: What do you need help with today?
  • Power Question 5: The Five Whys Question
    When a customer defines something they have a problem with, drill in with the five whys.
    Example: I want to do more live video but I don’t have the time.

    Why do you want to do more video?
    Because I know it will help me spread the word about CTC.

    Why do you want to spread the word about CTC?
    Because I want more people to know how to build a community.

    Why do you want to help them build a community?
    Because I know it will make them successful and it will build my business.

    Why do you want to build a business with community building?
    Because I feel like I’m doing a good thing while making a living for my family.

    Why aren’t you making time for your video then?


  • BONUS Power Question 6: Biggest Obstacle Question 
    Offer solutions that help to overcome obstacles that result in not meeting the goal.
    Use this template: What do you see as your biggest obstacle to accomplishing [your customer’s stated goal]?

You might also be interested in reading The Ask Method by Ryan Levesque, he talks about using four methods to ask your customers what they really want.

    • A deep dive survey, with more in-depth questions
    • A micro-commitment bucket survey, where you ask low-threshold questions to get people into one of 2 to 3 buckets
    • A do you hate me survey, asking people why they didn’t purchase
    • A pivot survey, asking what people would you like to hear about instead of what you’ve given them and giving three choices

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Take Action

Pick one of the questions above and ask your audience using social media, email or a question site like Ask.com or Quora. Come share your experience in our Facebook group.

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