7 Examples of Calls to Action for Social Media – Ep 75

Learn our 7 favorite examples of how to use calls to action in your social media to build your community faster and get better results.

A call to action is meant to get someone to do something, getting them to act or to encourage engagement. Keep reading for some of our favorites.

7 Examples of How to Use a Call to Action:

  • Capture emails with lead magnets and free gifts. Offer valuable content. The free ebook is overplayed. Think about something else you can do that’s short, concise and offers useable information, like a checklist or a worksheet.
  • Ask questions in an email or on social media. This is a good way to ask for engagement and also good for research to know what people want and what kind of content you need to create next. Plus it gets people in the habit of talking with you.
  • Livestream video. Video is powerful, especially on Facebook. If people watch your video and you do Facebook ads, you can re-target to people that watched your video.
  • Get people to visit your website. Add pixels to your website and re-target those people. Get people to take action on your website.
  • Donate or volunteer for a cause. Get people to donate to a cause you support and take action to give back.
  • Watch a webinar. Put together a webinar full of amazing content, not just a sales pitch, and ask people to watch it. Help people, give value, then offer additional information without a hard sales pitch. Teach, don’t tease.
  • Get someone to buy. If you know who your customer is, you can make a well-targeted offer directly to them.

Calls to Action on Twitter

Add a call to action to your tweets using Twitter Media Studio. In addition to your tweet and image, you can bold the headline and description – the metadata. This is a way to have extra information stored in the media. For a call to action, use a link to wherever you want to send someone.   

Calls to Action on Facebook

Facebook has a call to action feature if you have a business account, but it’s free to use. Using the manager, you post your content and metadata, schedule and publish. This tool provides you with an automated system to get people to take action.

Calls to Action on Instagram

Instagram requires an ad in order to do a call to action. We interviewed Tyler J. McCall in Episode 68 to and he talked about how he uses Direct Messages on Instagram to connect with people.

How to Measure Your Results

To learn how to measure the effectiveness of your calls to action in social media, you can take a look at Kami’s 5 A’s of Social Media Measurement.

  • Activity. This measure is all about what YOU do.
  • Attention. This measure is all about reach or “opportunities to see.”  
  • Awareness. This measure is all about engagement with you.
  • Attitudes. This measure is all about a conversation about you.
  • Actions. This measure is all about what they actually do.

Tools, apps, and links mentioned:

Twitter Media Studio

Take Action

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